Carpet Re-stretching in Rexburg ID

Carpet Re-Stretching can help restore the carpet to its original state. It is the process of removing wrinkles, ripples and small bumps that appear because the carpet becomes loose over time.

Our Process

  • Untacking the carpet from near the walls.
  • Using specialized tools such as a Knee Kicker or Power Stretcher
  • Cutting the carpet to remove excess carpet
  • Hand Tucking & Re-tacking
  • Thorough Final Inspection

The Heaven's Best Difference

Restore the visual appearance of your home

Improve safety by preventing tripping

Extend the life of your carpet

Improve the wear patterns over the carpets lifetime

How do I know if I need my Carpets to be Re-Stretched?

Carpets that need to be re-stretched will typically be visible. Look near heavy furniture, as the buckles will appear near heavy objects. You can try and lift the carpet up by pinching on the fibers. If they lift more than 1 inch, you should consider having your carpets stretched, however, larger rooms will have more flexibility in the carpet.

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